Day 01 – Your all-time favourite anime.

All time favorite anime would be Darker than BLACK. I think I already mentioned this before. But I really it’s deep and meaningful and without major plot-holes. And I think the reason for that is that DtB isn’t based by a manga and don’t follow any rules or a specific script. It’s like the crew behind DtB (Bones Studio) said that “Okay guys let’s do something totally different and mature, that we only can do one time”. I mean, I have never watched an anime with so many questions unanswered. This usually is a really bad thing but the whole concept with DtB, contractors, Hells Gate and the secret organization Syndicate has never been a question to answer.

The only thing that mattered was Hei, the main protagonist, and his assassination missions. There are 2 seasons out there followed by 4 OVA episodes and it’s really worth to watch it. You’ll never be the same again and you certainly won’t watch an anime this unique ever again.



One of the best Manhwa series out there. For me, it’s the best. The sketchy and unique drawings. The interesting character developments, and the fact that there are almost no plot holes. None.

There is a Naruto-Sasuke fight going on between two best friends in Ares but this constant struggle is actaully realistic and much more bearable.

Read it.