Watched the whole first season in two days, I have always been in love with sports animes. And this was exceptionally good!


Recommended for all of you anime-sports fans. You can read all about it here:


I will only list series I follow that are ONGOING or series that I have recently picked up and watch at the moment.

Banshee: Good one! Banshee is off to a really good start. The fact that Alan Ball (creator of True Blood) is involved made this a must watch for me. I really like the main character and especially the concept, the concept being that the worlds most notorious criminal gets out of jail (after being imprisoned for 15 years) and ends up by a twist of fate being the Sheriff of a town called Banshee. The raw atmosphere that this series gives off really makes it worth your while, there is absolutely no bullshitting and every actor/actress is talented in their own way. I watched the newest episode today (Ep.3) and the last scene made this show undroppable for me. If you enjoy good sex scenes, even better fighting scenes and an EVEN better plot then this is definitely a show for you.


Breaking Bad: I know that this show has been going on for a while. I remember watching the first two seasons approximately about a year ago and I dropped it. I really love Bryan Cranston and have always liked him ever since he was the dad in Malcolm in the Middle. That’s my childhood right there.
But the reason I dropped Breaking Bad was probably because I had so many other ongoing series at the moment and I decided to let this one slip away for now. And I also thought that the first two seasons of Breaking Bad were nothing but repetitions and no action at all. Watching season two was like watching season one all over again. However, now that I am at season 4 and the plot is actually moving forward and things are actually happening, it is more enjoyable than ever. For those of you who haven’t heard of this show before, to summarize it Breaking Bad is about an over qualified chemistry professor getting into cooking Crystal Meth and the hard journey from being a total nobody to being a hot shot drug dealer. Oh and did I mention him having cancer? Or that he and his family is extremely poor? Well, there you go that’s basically the jist of it. It is still not an A+ series for me but I can’t deny that it is good. Really good actually, totally worth your while. A unique show. There are lots of show where you can go and say “Man, I have seen this type of show a million times already..”. But you can’t say that about Breaking Bad, which I really appreciate and respect.


Spartacus: Not really much to say. The story is kind of obvious at this point but it is still good. It is basically the movie “300” reincarnated in a show. Well, almost anyway. The first season was mindblowing. The mini-season about Gannicus was also really good.
But, the second season where there was a new main character (due to the first Spartacus actors death) introduced and lots of other new characters being involved which you had never even seen or heard of before made the second season the worst one yet. It felt like it was being forced and there were too many changes being made, almost as if it was a whole new series. I can’t deny however that the last couple of episodes in season two was really epic, without giving away any spoilers.
The new main character of Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) is really good but he fails to give off the same impression the first Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) had in my honest opinion, and that being impossible is totally understandable. And maybe I am being really odd here, but Liam resembling Andy so much in the physical aspect kind of bothers me. IF he had been Spartacus since Season 1 Episode 1 is may have been different.
I know that this example is kind of a stretch, but for me it is precisely like when the Harry Potter movies unfortunately had to change the actor for Dumbledore. The second one was a good actor but it wasn’t “Dumbledore“, you know. The second Dumbledore was just a grumpy old man if you ask me.

Liam McIntyre
Andy Whitfield

The Office US: Best Comedy show out there, period. Basically, it is about a paper company called Dunder Mifflin, that’s it. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) and the whole cast has made this show undeniably the best show on planet earth. I am having a difficult time finding any flaws at all. Maybe one tini tiny being when Steve Carell left. But it is still a wicked sick show that will make you laugh your ass off. Even Will Ferrell has taken part in this show at one point. So the only question is, what the fuck are you waiting for? Watch it. Now.


Parks and Recreation Greg Daniels who was one of the creators for The Office US has made this other epic show. Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is my favorite female actress of all time, no Kanye West pun intended. It is very similar to The Office in a lots of ways but it differs in equally many ways. Just as in The Office there is a “movie crew” filming a specific workplace. In this case the workplace we are talking about being a branch of the Government called “Parks and Recreation”. And just as the name implies the apartment of Parks and Recreation is a handful of people who has a certain responsibility for Parks and such in a small town called Pawnee. And just as there was the over enthusiastic boss Michael Scott in The Office there is an over enthusiastic bossy kind of gal in Parks, Leslie Knope. It is filled with extremely high quality comedy just as the Office and if you haven’t watched either The Office or Parks and Recreation, you better make haste son!


I won’t make this post any longer haha. This was kind of a test post, if some of you like it I will gladly continue to put up posts related to series and such. Be it anime shows or non anime shows. It won’t be a problem since I am show-maniac. And lastly, thank you for reading it all or even if you have skimmed through, it is very much appreciated.

Take care now.

Click! —> Jared Leto Interview – Artifact

So psyched for this!


So I watched the second Berserk anime movie, meaning “Berserk – Golden Age Chapter II – The Capture of Doldrey”

Just as good as the first movie, if not better. Fuck me, what a badass movie series this is. Blood, sex, rape, violence, epic fighting scenes, state of the art storyline and so much more. As a big fan of Berserk I think they interpret the manga extremely well. I remember reading the manga where Guts just slaughtered hundred men and therefore earned his title “Hundred Men Slayer Guts”. Definitely one of the best manga moments ever. And it was just as awesome in the movie.

And then straight after that I re-watched Princess Mononoke for old times sake. A masterpiece, what more to say.

Personally I think its kind of corny, but keep in mind that this was written a long time ago. A couple of years actually.


The sun is a magical thing. Just like the beautiful sound of music, it lives forever, burning hot in our hearts, forever smiling. It’s what gives us hope and happiness. It is forever loaning us its warmth, saying that we should always keep our heads high and hearts open for everything until the day we die where we can finally take our own warmth to another place. “- Don’t forget to die with a smile on your face” would be the last thing the sun would whisper in your ear before you pass away.

Me and two of my friends have just started out doing some “let’s plays” and other gaming coverage. And we would really appreciate the support! Be it views, likes, subs or feedback we want it all! And I thank you in advance for it :)

So check us out and if you like what you see please support and if you hate it, please tell us why so we know what we should improve!

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Enjoy! Oh and if you don’t know what tekkit is, don’t worry it’s just like Minecraft with lots of fun mods!

I recently read this on another blog, and I couldn’t help myself to share this with you.

Creativity is a flow, like a river. Sometimes it will pick up a great amount of momentum, at other times it will be calm and almost still. We have no option but to ride the flow, and have faith that all rivers, eventually lead to the ocean.



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